Quality Policy


At the request of the Governing Body, FRACO MANUFACTURING has a Quality Management System, based on the requirements of the UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015, UNE-EN-ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 Standards, to the activities of:

– Design, Manufacture and Marketing of lifting equipment, mastclimbing working platforms, transport platforms, service lifts, construction lifts, cable and rack hoists, for the industry and construction sectors.

The purpose of the Quality Management System is the satisfaction of our customers and other interested parties, the regulatory compliance “Compliance”, the protection of the Environment and the occupational safety of our employees, thanks to the fulfilment of the requirements established for the development of our services, based on these basic principles and those established by the legislation concerning our activities.

Likewise, FRACO MANUFACTURING is aware that, in order to achieve customer satisfaction, environmental commitment, compliance and occupational safety, good coordination and internal management of the company are necessary, with the collaboration and approval of all its employees, therefore, the Governing Body of FRACO MANUFACTURING is committed to:

▣ Ensure the Quality of the services and products offered, and the materials and equipment used, in accordance with the International Standard ISO 9001:2015, having human, material and facilities and economic, safe and adequate resources for the activities carried out by the company.

▣ Comply with the legislation and other applicable commitments, especially with regard to the prevention of occupational safety hazards, workplace safety and health, Compliance, labour, tax, and environmental protection.

▣ Establish a Compliance, Quality, Environment and Hazards Prevention Policy, as a reference framework for the specific objectives of the organization.

▣ Consolidation of the trust of customers and other interested parties, taking into account their expectations, based on advice on the planning and optimization of services and products, under criteria of Compliance, quality, environment and occupational safety.

▣ Periodically analyse the context of the organization to detect risks and opportunities, and take the appropriate measures that lead to the continuous improvement of all our processes.

▣ Develop services capable of satisfying the needs and requirements of customers, ensuring the supply of machinery in accordance with the specifications and deadlines established to carry out our services,

▣ Continuous improvement and effective control of processes, procedures, products and services, continuously updating our equipment to guarantee the best service to our clients, with safety guarantees for our employees and respect for the environment.

▣ Design equipment capable of solving the needs of our clients, always adopting the best technical solutions, betting on the quality of the materials, maintaining safety and sustainability in all our creations.

▣ Assignment of efficient functions and responsibilities.

▣ Commitment to sustainable development and protection of the environment, from a Life Cycle Analysis perspective of our manufactured products and processes.

▣ Commitment to Compliance.

▣ Ensure the safety of all employees of FRACO MANUFACTURING.

▣ Eliminate and reduce occupational health and safety risks through effective preventive planning.

▣ Reduction and treatment of business risks, Compliance risks, non-conformities, incidents and emergencies.

▣ Internal communication of process changes that affect the Quality System between the FRACO MANUFACTURING departments and the Quality Manager.

▣ Awareness, motivation, sensitization and participation of the Company’s personnel, on the importance of the implementation and development of an Integrated Management System.

▣ Periodically review the effectiveness of the processes and take timely actions when deviations from the expected results are detected.

▣ Prevent injuries and deterioration of the health of all employees, providing safe and healthy working conditions.

▣ Comply with the Compliance, Occupational Safety and Environment requirements that FRACO MANUFACTURING subscribes to with clients, administrations, collaborators or other interested parties.

▣ Provide the necessary training to the people who carry out the different activities of FRACO MANUFACTURING.

▣ Guarantee the consultation and participation of workers in the most relevant issues of Compliance and Health and Safety.

▣ Equal treatment and opportunities between women and men is a priority in the Strategic Plan of FRACO MANUFACTURING, considering it a fundamental principle of labor relations and the management of the company’s human resources.

▣ The Quality System is suitable for the purpose of FRACO MANUFACTURING and is based on the knowledge and assessment of its processes.

FRACO MANUFACTURING, through its Management System, wishes to demonstrate to its clients and other interested parties its concern and commitment to the Quality of its services, the Environment and Occupational Safety, Compliance, and to achieve a guarantee for the future that only competitive, sustainable, and responsible organizations at the forefront of the market can offer.