Wire- Rope Materials Hoist

Equipment for vertical transport of materials with defined stop levels. Versatile, easy to install and use, and with all security systems.

T2 Wire-rope materials Hoist

Suitable to be mounted on façade (T2-10) and to be mounted into the lift shaft of the building ((T2-7,5).


The big size cabin allows a very comfortable use and an efficient goods handling (T2-10) and Compact design, with the gearmotor and the cable bin placed under the cabin (T2-7,5).


Cabin with two double doors with security switch. Different lengths of mast sections (3, 1’5 and 1 m), to adapt the machine to the maximum available height.


Control panel in the cabin, with analogical floor selector.


Control panel in the cabin, with digital floor selector and display (T2-10) or analogical (T2-7,5).

Main Features

  • Heavy-duty construction, ready to work under the worst conditions.
  • Easy to mount and with very low maintenance cost.
  • Security bar under the cabin.
  • Cabin guided all along the masts by means of strong T profiles.
  • Motor with built-in electric brake. Oil lubricated wormgear type drive unit. Inductive hardened and rectified driving worm.
  • Emergency brake: stops the cabin in case of wire-rope breaking.
  • Floor door to be fixed on the own masts: double door 1,1 m high, with toe board and safety limit switch.