Service Elevators

The Elevator Series TORGAR offers the optimal solution for vertical transport in applications such as: Cement Plants, Power Plants, Building Construction and Bridge Construction among others

PT Service Elevator

A robust construction to withstand the toughest conditions of use.


Easy and safe to assemble and disassemble. The assembly of the sections and the anchoring to the facade is done from inside the cabin.


The rack and pinion lifting system requires minimal maintenance.


Safe and reliable, the PT Service elevator also distinguishes itself by its versatility.


All TORGAR elevators are designed and manufactured in accordance with European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and the European Standard of elevators EN 12159.

Main Features

  • Fully manufactured in hot dipped galvanizad steel and aluminium: great strength and long-life performance.
  • Inferior limit switch at 2,5 meters from the botton.
  • Levelling spindles.
  • Superior limit switch to avoid the derailment.
  • External control pannel in the base. Control pannel inside the cabin. Button box on the top.
  • Gearmotor brake letting making the descent in a guided speed.
  • Optional: Overspeed emergency brake installed on an independent pinion: it stops the cabin in case of great increase of the descent speed. It includes exterior button box for making the free dropping test.
  • Overload limit device.
  • Rack and pinion built in module 6: getting the highest strength and and reliability.
  • Adjustable Anchorings through bridle and tube: solid fixation and perfect vertical position with the tower.
  • Sliding door on every floor: 1,1- or 2-meters height with electrical and mechanical limit switch.