Environmental perfomance

Environmental performance report during the 2018 period


TURBOIBER ELEVACION, not only seeks to meet the legal requirements in regards to the environment. Furthermore, we aim to go above and beyond with all of the relevant parties to make sure the most scrutinous levels of awareness are kept and improved by all everyone involved in regards to environmental protection. The activities of our company are carried out with the well being of the environment and society as priority. Conclusively, these efforts are demonstrated by results and serve as testament to the levels in which we carry out our environmental policy to practice:


  • The water consumption in the Eastern delegation has been reduced by 6.81% and 22.54% in the Center delegation.
  • Paper consumption has been reduced in both delegations, 23.08% in the Center and 41.63% in East.
  • Reduction of paint consumption in both the Center and East delegations in 8.85% and 68.77% respectively.
  • Fuel consumption has been reduced by 14.26% in the center delegation.
  • A decrease of 25.93% in Madrid and 3.43% in Barcelona of electricity consumption of 100% Renewable origin.
  • The consumption of tools has been reduced by 29.42% in the Center delegation and 48.11% in the Eastern delegation.
  • The consumption of used oil has been reduced by 71.15% in the Eastern delegation.
  • The generation of hazardous waste has been reduced, such as the aerosols used (41.27% in Madrid).
  • The generation of plastic contaminated packaging (Hazardous Waste) has been reduced by 4.01% in the Eastern delegation.
  • The generation of contaminated metal containers has been reduced by 40.45% in the Centro branch.
  • The generation of fats and waxes used in the Center delegation has been reduced by 47.54%.
  • Reduction in the Center delegation of 11.40% of scrap generation and 17.23% in the Eastern delegation.
  • Rags and adsorbents have been reduced by 13.14% in the Eastern delegation and 37.72% in the Center delegation.